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A box straight from a jewelry store

It is while looking for something to fill the models of our collection ‘wooden jewelry box’ that we had the opportunity to visit an interesting jewelry store: in this one, the jewels were indeed exposed not only in large displays (the famous ‘displays’, of their name in English) but also, for the most unusual or the most luxurious of them, in pretty wooden boxes equipped with a glass allowing a glimpse of the treasures inside. This is how we came up with the idea of developing a model based on this principle…

See your treasures under the lid

The exterior of this model is classic walnut, a configuration you’ll find on the ‘compartment and watches’ wooden box, for example. But instead of finding a ‘full’ lid, we cut this box to insert a clear glass window. This way you can keep an eye on the jewelry you have stored in the box, which is neatly arranged in the compartments of this white velvet double organizer. To conclude as for the visual appearance, we will highlight the presence of 2 decorative handles in brushed brass, which elegantly enhance the drawers in front.

Double drawers to organize the treasures of your set

Now let’s pull out the pieces on display in this display case: the second floor has 2 areas to plant your rings on either side of a central compartment where you can put a few necklaces. Because it is divided into three parts, the second drawer is more versatile. The first drawer, which is the largest, will allow you to store your earrings. Two large spaces towards the bottom can be used for bracelets and other necklaces.

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